Three London memorials

To the metallurgist, bronze is a straightforward binary alloy that is strong, dense, durable and suitable for casting. Typically, bronze contains 90% copper and 10% tin (by weight). To the artist it offers an ideal medium for statues, capable of reproducing fine surface detail and possessing colour and patina which contrast beautifully with monumental masonry and the sky. It has a timeless quality and was a natural choice for statues commemorating the heroism and suffering of the Great War. London, the city with more statues than any other in the world, has some splendid examples.5 I have singled out three London memorials featuring bronze statues that I find particularly evocative.

  1. The Immortals: London’s Finest Statues
    Photographs by Joe Whitlock Blundell, text by Roger Hudson,(London: Folio Society, 1998). []